Made with Koshihikari from Okayama Prefecture. Rice Snacks “Kibi Kogen Rice Puffs”


We produce crops such as rice, soybeans and blueberries in the Kibi plateau in Okayama prefecture.
As a producer, we focus on producing products that you feel are safe and delicious, as well as enjoyably rich.

Rice Puffs Kibi Plateau Rice Puffs

Our products use Okayama Koshihikari brand 100% and colorful rice puffs.
Please find your favorite taste from over 20 flavors.

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Crops Rice, Blueberries, etc.

Introduction of the main crops produced at easy farm. Rice (Zenji mai), blueberries, black soy beans are produced with great care.

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Farm Introduction Field, Production Landscape

Introduction of the farm in the plateau area of about 300m above sea level. It is suitable environment for agriculture because of clean water, long sunshine hours and temperature gap between day and night.

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Company Profile

Company Profile, Map, History, etc.

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Contact Us

Information on Inquiries, Document Requests.

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