Farm Introduction

My company manages the land of Kibi Plateau-over 15,000 tsubo.
A slope where wild plants can be picked. Rice Field path where cluster amaryllis blooms.
We manage farm that are close to nature.

A tray of seedlings

Irrigate rice for a certain period.
Then roots will come out in about a week.
If the roots come out, we bind the roots.
The covered seedling boxes are lined up in a house, temperature and water are controlled, and the seedlings are grown for about one month.

Mud is also one of fun

We will plant large seedlings with a rice planter.
When the water is stored, the medaka fish begin to swim.
Colored rice, such as red rice, can be planted by hand, and in the fall, a rice rack can be placed and dried in the sun.

Rain water management

At first, the water level is shallow.
At the end of the rainy season, the roots are improved and the inside is dried to remove gas from the ground.

Bountiful autumn rice harvesting

When the rice is harvested, it is harvested by a combine.
Since there is morning dew, work is started when the rice is dry.
The combine harvesting not only harvests but also threshes at the same time.
It is a moment when you can feel the bountiful autumn.