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Easy Co., Ltd
Location 2075-3 Kamitake kibi-chuouchou Kagagun Okayama 716-1131, Japan
Contact Us TEL +81866-54-0039
FAX +81866-54-0039
Representative Director: Tatsuki Kusachi
Representative Director: Namie Kusachi
Director: Masato Sugita
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Hitomi Shibamura
Secretary: Yuji Fujimori
Established April 14, 2014
Capital 5,000,000yen
Cultivation of rice, blueberries, etc., and manufacture and sale of processed products.

Origin of company name

“Take it easy” and Kanji
【善】Good as a moral value. Right things, act
【爺】Longevity, health and security, continued company management.
Combine and Make Easy Co., Ltd


We focus not only on the production of agricultural products but also on the added value born from the production of agricultural products, and are working on the development of unique products with rich regional characteristics.
Important matters for agricultural production corporations include market development scale, successors, and love of agriculture.
Easy workers are usually in their 30s. There are no worries about are successors, and we are young and active, and we love to enjoy agriculture above all.

Main dealers

Please inquire of each store the business hours and stock of goods, etc..

Every Tsutaka shop
83-3 Yokoikami Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama
Haremachi AEON MALL Okayama
AEON MALL Okayama 5th Floor 2-1 Shimoishii Kita-ku Okayama City Okayama
Irohani Koji, Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
1-7 Chuo, Kurashiki City, Okayama
Nomaru Engei Kibiji Farm
411-1 Nishigouri Soja City, Okayama
Mogami Inari approach road Hikariya (Winter only)
616 Takamatsu Inari, Kita-ku, Okayama
Takahashi City Library (CCC Culture Convenience Club)
1306 Asahimachi Takahashi City, Okayama
Takahashi City Tourist Product Hall Koyagawa
44-1 Honmachi Takahashi City Okayama
Road Station Kayo
1974 Kita Chuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama
Popura Kibi Kogen City Store
4860-6 Yoshikawa, Kibi Chuo-cho, Kaga-gun, Okayama


Easy Co., Ltd established
Kibi Kogen Rice Puffs
Joined “Setouchi Fair” at the Hankyu Department Umeda Main Store
Joined “Okayama Fair” at the Singapore Isetan Scotts
Kibi Kogen Rice Puffs Rainbow
Gold Award of family category for Yoshimoto 47 Shufran
Japan Snack Raking 10th place
Kibi Kogen Rice Puffs Rainbow
Exhibition at the Hiroshima Bank Hachobori Branch and Tourist Information
Special Award of Setouchi Souvenir Contest
Kibi Kogen Rice Puffs
Joined “Tottori Okayama Fair” at Hong Kong AEON Stores